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Delve into the details of purchasing discounted cigarettes in New Brunswick. Explore pricing trends, age requirements, and available varieties in urban centers like Fredericton. Step into the captivating realm of New Brunswick, a province where maritime allure meets rich history. Stroll along the Bay of Fundy's dramatic coastline, witnessing the world's highest tides. Immerse yourself in the charming streets of Saint John, where tales of shipbuilding echo through time. Discover the tranquility of Fundy National Park's forests and coastal vistas. Amidst these wonders, take a moment to indulge in a satisfying smoke. Explore and uncover a range of premium cigarettes and tobacco, complementing your New Brunswick experience with moments of relaxation.

How much do cigarettes cost in New Brunswick?

Cigarette prices in New Brunswick are influenced by factors such as the brand, pack size, and in-store promotions. Typically, for a pack of 20 cigarettes, prices range from CAD $12 to $16. Tobacco taxes imposed by the New Brunswick government play a significant role in determining cigarette prices.

Where can I buy cigarettes in New Brunswick?

Across New Brunswick, especially in larger cities like Fredericton, Moncton, and Saint John, cigarettes can be purchased from convenience stores, gas stations, and specialty tobacco shops. Always opt for licensed retailers to ensure the authenticity of the products and compliance with local regulations.

What's the legal age for purchasing cigarettes in New Brunswick?

In New Brunswick, individuals must be at least 19 years old to legally purchase tobacco products. Retailers are mandated to verify the age of buyers, especially those who appear to be under 25 years of age. Selling tobacco to minors can result in substantial penalties.

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