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Richmond, situated on the southwestern coast of British Columbia, is known for its rich history, multiculturalism, and proximity to Vancouver. Boasting one of the highest immigrant populations in Canada, its cultural blend is apparent in its culinary scene and diverse festivals. As a hub for both locals and tourists, Richmond provides a variety of outlets for cigarette buyers to explore, offering both traditional retail spaces and modern online platforms.

How much do cigarettes cost in Richmond?

In Richmond, cigarettes are priced similarly to other parts of British Columbia. On average, a pack of 20 cigarettes can cost between CAD $13 and $20, based on the brand and store location. Occasionally, local retailers may run promotions, and online vendors like may have special offers available.

Where can I buy cigarettes in Richmond?

Cigarettes are readily available across Richmond in various retail settings. This includes numerous convenience stores, gas stations, and tobacco specialty shops. For those seeking an online avenue, provides a broad selection, but it's crucial to ensure age verification when buying online.

What are the smoking regulations in Richmond?

Richmond, similar to the rest of BC, has strict public health regulations concerning smoking. Smoking in enclosed public spaces, near entrances, or windows of buildings, and in parks is prohibited. Furthermore, it is illegal to smoke in vehicles with children under 16 present. Such rules align with BC's broader health guidelines.

Are there any popular smoking spots or lounges in Richmond?

While Richmond houses various public spaces, specific lounges or establishments catering to smokers are limited due to health regulations. However, some cafes or private clubs might allow smoking in designated areas. Always ensure you're in a designated smoking zone before lighting up, respecting the local by-laws.

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