Buy Discounted Cigarettes in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Explore the options for buying discounted cigarettes in the vibrant city of Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories. Known for its unique northern charm, Yellowknife offers diverse choices for residents and visitors wishing to purchase cigarettes. Follow this guide for navigating these options efficiently and responsibly.

How much do cigarettes cost in Yellowknife?

In Yellowknife, cigarette prices are influenced by territorial taxes and thus might be higher compared to other parts of Canada. On average, a pack of 20 cigarettes may cost between CAD $20 to $28, with premium brands being more expensive. For more affordable options, consider online platforms like

Where can you buy cigarettes in Yellowknife?

Cigarettes in Yellowknife can be purchased from various retail locations including convenience stores, gas stations, and grocery stores that offer tobacco products. For additional options and discounts, consider online vendors like which provides delivery services to Yellowknife.

What is the legal age to buy cigarettes in Yellowknife?

The legal age to purchase tobacco products in the Northwest Territories, including Yellowknife, is 19 years old. Retailers have the obligation to check ID for anyone who appears to be under 25 years of age.

Can you order cigarettes online for delivery to Yellowknife?

Yes, residents of Yellowknife can order cigarettes online through The website offers a variety of cigarette brands at different price points, delivering directly to Yellowknife.

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