Find Affordable Cigarettes in Oromocto, New Brunswick

Welcome to Oromocto, home to the Canadian Forces Base Gagetown and a rich military history. This cozy town offers residents and visitors an inviting atmosphere filled with parks, cultural events, and friendly neighborhoods. For smokers in search of their favorite cigarette brands, Oromocto provides several local spots for purchase. For an even wider selection and fantastic discounts, check out today!

How much do cigarettes generally cost in Oromocto?

Prices for cigarettes in Oromocto vary depending on the brand and location. You can expect to pay between CAD $11 to $16 for a pack of 20 cigarettes. To find the best deals, visit

Where can I buy cigarettes in Oromocto?

In Oromocto, you can find cigarettes at convenience stores, gas stations, and some specialized tobacco shops. To browse an extensive collection, consider shopping on

Are there online platforms for buying cigarettes in Oromocto?

Yes, you can buy cigarettes online in Oromocto. offers a broad range of brands that can be shipped directly to your location.

What is the legal age to purchase cigarettes in Oromocto?

The legal age to buy tobacco products in Oromocto and throughout New Brunswick is 19 years old. Please adhere to local regulations when purchasing or consuming cigarettes.

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Playfare Full Flavour Cigarettes (King Size)
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Playfare Light Cigarettes (King Size)
Canadian Blues  Lights Cigarettes (King Size)
Canadian Red  Full Flavour Cigarettes (King Size)
Canadian Classic Original Cigarettes (King Size)
Playfare Menthol Cigarettes
Putters Light Cigarettes

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