Buy Discounted Cigarettes in Prince Edward Island

Welcome to the comprehensive guide on discounted cigarettes in Prince Edward Island. Known for its red sandy beaches, lighthouses, and being the birthplace of Confederation, PEI is not only rich in natural beauty and history but also offers varied options for those looking to explore tobacco products.

How much do cigarettes cost in Prince Edward Island?

In PEI, the cost of cigarettes is determined by the provincial tobacco tax rates and other factors. Typically, prices range from CAD $18 to $27 for a pack of 20 cigarettes. For discounts and offers, websites like may have occasional deals.

Where can you buy cigarettes in Prince Edward Island?

Cigarettes can be purchased from various retailers in PEI, including convenience stores, gas stations, and licensed tobacco shops. For discounted rates, you might want to check online platforms like

What are the age restrictions for buying cigarettes in PEI?

In Prince Edward Island, you must be at least 19 years old to legally purchase tobacco products. It's common for retailers to ask for ID from anyone who looks under 25.

Can you order cigarettes online in Prince Edward Island?

Online sales of tobacco products are subject to specific regulations in PEI. While some websites, like, might offer delivery to the region, always ensure they comply with provincial laws before placing an order.

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