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Located in the Metro Vancouver district, Surrey is a rapidly growing city, known for its diverse population and expansive green spaces. With six town centres and over 500 parks, it's a mix of urban landscapes and nature. As Surrey continues to expand, so does the demand for various amenities, including cigarettes. Here's a detailed overview of buying cigarettes in Surrey.

How much do cigarettes cost in Surrey?

The cost of cigarettes in Surrey, like other parts of BC, ranges from CAD $13 to $20 for a pack of 20, depending on the brand and the retailer. Local promotions, discounts, or bulk-buy options can influence this price. Some online platforms might also offer discounts or promotions that local retailers can't match.

Where can I buy cigarettes in Surrey?

Surrey hosts a multitude of places to purchase cigarettes. These include convenience stores scattered across town centres, gas stations along major roads, and specialized tobacco stores offering a wider selection. Additionally, is an online option known to provide a broader range of brands.

How do cigarette prices in Surrey compare to Vancouver?

Generally, cigarette prices in Surrey are comparable to those in Vancouver. However, downtown Vancouver might have slightly higher prices due to increased retail overheads. Both locations are subjected to provincial taxes and regulations that dictate a baseline price, but individual retailers can adjust based on their margins and promotions.

What are the smoking regulations in Surrey?

In Surrey, smoking is strictly regulated to protect public health. This includes bans on smoking in public indoor spaces, within 7.5 meters of doorways, windows, and air intakes of buildings, and in parks, with few exceptions. Additionally, smoking in vehicles with children under 16 is prohibited. These regulations are in line with the broader BC policies.

Are online cigarette purchases gaining popularity in Surrey?

Yes, online cigarette purchases have been gaining traction in Surrey. With the convenience of home delivery and often a wider selection, platforms like provide a tempting alternative to traditional purchasing. However, consumers should ensure they're buying from legitimate sources to avoid counterfeit products.

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