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Burnaby, situated to the east of Vancouver, is British Columbia's third-largest city by population. It boasts a vibrant mix of urban and natural amenities. From bustling shopping hubs like Metrotown to tranquil spots such as Burnaby Mountain, the city offers a dynamic blend of experiences. For residents and visitors looking to buy cigarettes in Burnaby, here's a guide to help navigate the local market.

How much do cigarettes cost in Burnaby?

In Burnaby, a pack of 20 cigarettes typically ranges between CAD $13 to $20. Prices can vary based on brand, store location, and ongoing promotions. Online platforms might offer potential savings.

Where can I buy cigarettes in Burnaby?

Cigarettes can be purchased in various outlets in Burnaby, including convenience stores, gas stations, and tobacco-specific retailers. Some residents also turn to online vendors like for a broader selection.

Are cigarette prices in Burnaby similar to those in nearby cities?

Yes, cigarette prices in Burnaby are generally comparable to other cities in the Greater Vancouver Area. Minor price fluctuations might arise due to store-specific mark-ups or promotions.

What are the smoking regulations in Burnaby?

Burnaby adheres to the broader BC regulations. Smoking is prohibited in public places, parks, near public building entrances, and bus stops. This encompasses tobacco and electronic smoking devices.

Is it legal to order cigarettes online for delivery in Burnaby?

It's legal to order cigarettes online for personal consumption. However, it's essential to ensure the seller is legitimate and that provincial taxes are included in the purchase to avoid potential legal issues.

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