Buy Discounted Cigarettes in Calgary

Discover key information about purchasing discounted cigarettes in Calgary, from prices to local regulations and available delivery options in this bustling Albertan city.

How much do cigarettes cost in Calgary?

The price of cigarettes in Calgary can differ based on the brand, retail location, and ongoing promotions. On average, as of the last update, a pack of 20 cigarettes in Calgary might range between CAD $12 to $18, with premium brands often costing more.

Where to buy cigarettes in Calgary?

You can find cigarettes in various outlets throughout Calgary, including convenience stores, tobacco specialty shops, and gas stations. Additionally, several supermarkets and large retail chains offer a selection of cigarette brands.

How old to buy cigarettes in Calgary?

In Calgary, as in the rest of Alberta, the legal minimum age to purchase tobacco products, including cigarettes, is 18 years. Retailers are mandated by law to check the identification of anyone who appears to be under 25 years old.

Are cigarettes cheaper in Alberta or BC?

Cigarette prices can vary between provinces due to different provincial taxes, regulations, and other factors. Historically, cigarettes have been somewhat cheaper in Alberta compared to British Columbia, mainly due to differences in provincial tobacco taxes. However, it's essential to check current prices and consider other influencing factors.

Can you get cigarettes delivered in Calgary?

Yes, there are services and retailers in Calgary that offer delivery of cigarettes. Some online platforms and delivery apps provide this service, ensuring you get your desired brand delivered right to your doorstep. Always ensure you're purchasing from legitimate sources and that you meet the age requirement for buying tobacco products.



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