Find Affordable Cigarettes in Vernon, British Columbia

Welcome to Vernon, a city that sits in the grassland hills and is surrounded by three lakes. Known for its year-round outdoor activities, Vernon is a great place to visit for tourists and smokers alike. If you're looking for quality cigarettes, both local and international brands, make sure to visit our website,, for the best deals.

How much do cigarettes generally cost in Vernon?

The average price for a pack of cigarettes in Vernon ranges between CAD $15 and $20. You can find discounted rates at

Where can I buy cigarettes in Vernon?

Cigarettes are readily available at local convenience stores, tobacco shops, and even some supermarkets. Alternatively, you can also buy from

Is it legal to smoke in public areas in Vernon?

Public smoking in Vernon is restricted to specific designated areas. It is not allowed near schools, parks, or public buildings.

What is the legal age to buy cigarettes in Vernon?

The legal age to purchase cigarettes in Vernon is 19 years, in line with British Columbia laws.

Are e-cigarettes also available in Vernon?

Yes, e-cigarettes are also widely available in Vernon at various vape shops and online stores.

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